Friday, 3 April 2015

Hello out there! Well today's post is going to be a mixed bag, bit like the weather. Beautiful yesterday, and today we are in a foggy, grey, wet one.  Ahh well. Variety is good they say.
Things are still buzzing along at a fast pace, maybe now the kids are on spring break we can have a couple of slow days. I hope you don't mind the randomness of my pics, but I take them and think that they will work for a post and then I post about something else and forget about the pictures.  Hmmm. 
So my first few pics are from the end of March, when we had the eclipse. Yes I know it was about 3 weeks ago now, but they aren't too bad, for an eclipse that happened on a cloudy morning. 

 The eclipse, was not totally clear, but I liked the moodiness of the pictures.
Next up is some Easter decorations, its those chicks, rainbow ones this year too. But the ones with the hats, said they wanted a day out, they didn't come back for while, those crazy gals.

 Sheep too.
They all made it onto a wreath. But not the chicks with hats, they keep sneakin' out!  Sorry the picture is not very good, not sure why I didn't take the whole thing, but if I stop to go and re-take it this post will not happen. You know how it goes. Plus our internet keeps randomly going off. Just a wee bit annoying.

 So before the internet goes for longer than a few minutes, I will just show you one more thing.
I finished Gabi's hat, its in the blackberry beanie pattern. I first saw the pattern on Jo's blog, as some of you will know. I used King cole's superwash merino, used the same for Mikayla's and it works great. By mistake I grabbed DK instead of aran weight.  It worked out fine, the blackberries are a little smaller.Its in pink, of course, so it looks like a little pink raspberry, so I added a stem and leaf.

 She is super happy with it, and hasn't taken it off! 
So that is it, hope you liked them.  And I hope you all have a lovely happy Easter weekend! 


  1. The hat's fabulous, I love how you've added the stalk and leaf, very clever and it works so well. The wreath is so Eastery, is that even a word? I love those teeny tiny little bunnies on it. Your photos of the eclipse are great, mine weren't so good. Daniel text me from uni to say that he'd watched it through solar telescopes and had a great view, he didn't take any photos though. One of the benefits of studying Astrophysics I suppose.

  2. What a darling hat! I do love the color. Your wreath is great as well.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter as well.

  3. I think your eclipse photos are great. Loooooong time since we had a total eclipse of the sun here in Oz. We get some partials and the moon ones. The beanie is just gorgeous and I think everyone knows, I am a sucker for pink. The leaf topping was so clever of you. Hope you have a great Easter and take care.

  4. Lovely eclipse photos Gail. Love the hat too.

  5. Your eclipse photos are great. I love the raspberry hat, the leaf and stalk are ace. Look at those naughty chicks, got your hands full there!! xx