Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Well here we are I think spring has maybe arrived?  Although its grey at the moment we have had some amazingly sunny days here in Yorkshire.  Ones that put a spring in your step.  
On Sunday, we took a walk up through the fields to Birchfield farm to see some baby lambs. 

 They are just so sweet.
On the opposite side to some very new borns, was the expectant Mums pen...
Packed in together and just waiting...

And waiting...
 Looks like this one forgot to use a mirror when she penciled on her eyebrows for the day. ;) She was the only one with those markings.  
On the way out we saw some pigs, but no piglets yet. This one was having a big scratch against the fencing. 
And we saw a Shetland pony and guess who it kinda looks like....
Farley!  I think its that mop of hair. 
And this week I am knitting something just for fun. 
Wee rabbits, I have knit 6 little bodies and now, I am working on arms and legs, they are just simple i-cords. I found the pattern here, go to the free pattern link on her side bar. There is a dress pattern that I am going to use too.  She also has  lovely patterns to buy. 
Hope your all having a good week! :)



  1. It's raining here today, and it was on Sunday too, though it was a lovely day yesterday. I love visiting farms, all those cute animals, especially at this time of year with the lambs. Pigs are my thing though, I have a real soft spot for them.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous little lambs I love them. Seen one or two in the fields near home but I think it's still a little chilly for them yet.

  3. Lambs just have to be one of the greatest signs of spring don't they!! xx

  4. Oh, how sweet are those lambs and yes the shetland certainly has the "Farley" hairdo. Great to be able to go to a farm and see all the newborns in Spring. Have a great weekend and take care.

  5. Aren't they cute, those lambs!