Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My older daughter will be graduating in May, so there is alot going on with for that, the other week all of the Seniors had a day trip to York.  Myself and a friend, who's daughters (twins) are seniors too, got to go on the trip. 
I love going to York.  One of the stops was the Minster I hadn't been in a few years. The details inside and out is amazing.  Want to take a look?

 Reminds me of the top of a fair isle hat.

 There is some work going on in there, for the massive back glass window, that tells of the Apocalypse. There is 108 panels so its not a small job.  There was a huge plastic copy of the window hanging in its place.   I can imagine a lot of patience is needed for that job. You can read about it here if you want to. 

 Just to the side, you can see some of the scaffolding that's being used, that is a long way up! 

 Some more scaffolding just under the archway.

 Well, now I need to go and catch up on some blogs. I have nearly got some little bunnies finished, they are a tad tedious, and at the minute I've not knitted their ears so they look like strange little bald things.  I need to take some pictures of some knitting that I have done so I can show you all. 
I have yet to cast on the 180 stitches needed to start a fairisle project that is patiently waiting. I think the thought of a 180 stitch cast on is a bit mind numbing, but I have heard of more. How many times am I going to have to re-count that?  On the go too, is another blackberry stitch hat, by mistake I grabbed DK instead of aran weight but it seems to be going ok, and its for a smaller head.

 I think I could do with cloning myself, and one of them gets to just knit, go to nice places, get lost in wool shops, and not have to pay attention to the time.  But then I bet a scrap would break out amongst the clones. Cleaning clone and a few others would not be happy. But that is not going to happen, so I will just squeeze it in where I can, knitting that is, not scrapping with clones. ;)


  1. I love York, it's such a beautiful city. It's a long time since I've been inside the Minster so it was lovely to have a look around it on your blog. I've got quite a few projects on the go at the moment, if only we had a few extra hours in the day we'd get them finished so much quicker, and top it all, we lose an hour at the weekend.

    1. Seems just 5 minutes ago we were putting the clocks forward. It feels good that summer is on its way. Glad you enjoyed the look around the minster, its so huge! :)

  2. York is one of our favourite places. Sadly I haven't been for a while. D took number 3 up by train last year and they had a great time in the Minster which is number 3's favourite Minster/Cathedral at the moment. He loves all the stain glass and yes your photo does look a bit like the top of a fairisle hat doesn't it.

  3. Last time I was inside York Minster was in 1991, the first time I'd visited the UK. I walked in and muttered OMG, which I don't usually say, but I was utterly spellbound. We've got nothing here in Oz to compare with your great cathedrals. Thanks for the quick tour. Take care.

  4. It is an incredible building isn't it! xx

  5. York Minster is beautiful isn't it? Good luck with the massive cast on, I hope you can find somewhere quiet so you can do it without being disturbed! xx

  6. York Minster is one of my favourite cathedrals ... so beautiful. It must be a decade or more since I was last there though.

    I once cast on a shawl that began on the long edge with over 400 stitches ... never again!