Monday, 16 February 2015

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines weekend.  Its grey outside, and drizzly.  So yes more paw wiping going on here.  I have tried the Farley first idea, you would think that we would of tried that one already. But Maisie is always so eager to just get inside. Well, it worked the first time. Brought him in closed us together in the little room, that is filled with shoes, wood and a bag of coal.  Just right for drying off a 160lb dog. And try to wash his feet.  Well it was an interesting experience.  He realized what I was up to, as soon as I closed the door to outside, but it was too late he was trapped.  You would think he would just give in, but no. He is a pain to dry or any sort of grooming.  He sits with his back feet firmly tucked under a big hairy bottom. So you have to pry the paw out and quickly stick it in a bucket that is nearly on its side. So the tips of his toes get washed.  While you are trying to do this, he wants to kiss you.  
So between me yelling "sit" "stay!"  and "give me your foot" and "don't kiss me" anyone near the house or door would wonder what in the hell was going on in here.  Maisie, mean time just sat obediently outside the door, listening to her son being told off, glad she wasn't having to clean him, and waiting for her turn to come in.  She's such a sweetie.

After all of that we all needed something happy and calming. 
Marmalade.  Yes that on toast sounds nice.  
So last weekend, I made some.
I have made it before. And for any of you that have, you know it takes alot of time, and its alot of work.  And just like with any jam or marmalade you can't let the fruit just wait.
So I cheated.
But its a good cheat.
 Its from Lakeland and its Oh So Easy!!  And it does exactly what it says on the tin.  All you need is sugar, a bit of water and jars.  Oh, and make sure your cooker is on, mine was turned off at the wall, so when I turned on the ring and nothing was happening after a few minutes that was why. 

 All that is in the tin is pure seville oranges, nothing else. You can buy medium or thick cut, I chose medium cut. There's even lemon, that they say is nice too. I know some may like the prep of making marmalade, but it is time consuming, here you get the homemade results without ALL of the work. And its a wee bit cheaper as the 1 tin makes up to 6lbs of marmalade and only costs £2.49.

 Lovely, yummy golden sunshine in a jar. 

 And it's amazing on toast. :)



  1. Well, doing Farley first wasn't my best idea, but there must be a solution, so we'll all have to think on it, though winter will be over soon and maybe drier weather will be on the way. Wish I'd been there to see and hear it.(giggle). That cheat's marmalade sounds great and I love marmalade, but as I'm the only one who eats it, one jar at a time is probably easier. Take care.

  2. Oh Gail its sounds hilarious but then it would to anyone who wasn't trying to wash and dry the feet of a 160lb bear.

  3. I can't imagine having to wash the paws of a 160lb dog, but I'd give it a good go as I can imagine the mud he brings in with him. I've just mopped the kitchen floor after Archie brought a load of mud in this morning before I managed to grab his towel. That's a great idea from Lakeland, I thought you were going to say that it was expensive, things like that usually are when they're ready prepared for you, so it's a good price. I bet the marmalade is delicious.

  4. Oh my goodness - what a challenge Farley is!! Glad that you survived to tell the tale! I have seen those tins in Lakeland too and wondered about them, so it is good to know that they produce such good and tasty results! The jars look wonderful don't they! xx

  5. That's how my Mum used to make marmalade, with the big tins.

    I don't envy you the paw washing, luckliy the whippets are light enough to lift up and plonk all four feet in a sink!

  6. The marmalade tins look a good idea. I made some last weekend but got diverted by one of the children and the pan was such a mess and took some soaking to get clean. It made me swear I'm afraid.
    Could you put a kids paddling pool by your back door so Farley has to walk through it before he goes in? Maybe take a run at it so it's over before he's realised what's happened!! xx